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Baby Allergy

Treat the sensitivity of the cheeks of children

The sensitivity of the cheeks of children

Allergies are one of the skin problems that affect many people of different ages, and in different areas of the body, such as hands, back, and neck

In addition to the cheeks in children,

in particular, allergies usually appear as a red rash, accompanied by many symptoms, most notably itching, and high body temperature, and there are many treatments that can be used to relieve the severity of allergies.

It is she who will be the focus of this article, in addition to mentioning the most important reasons that lead to her appearance.

Causes of sensitive cheeks in children

Treat the sensitivity of the cheeks of children

The drugs and medications the child takes in his first months.
Dust and dust in the home, caused by the presence of insects.
Industrial chemicals used in the home.
Dust and saliva from animals at home.
Wheat dust, gluten, and pollen. The type of clothes the child wears.

Treating children’s allergy to cheeks

Avoid factors that lead to skin irritation and increased sensitivity in children.

Pay attention to skin hygiene and keep it hydrated with special moisturizing creams.

Exposing the child’s skin constantly to water to avoid drying it, which increases the chance of allergies. Using cotton clothes and avoiding the use of wool and silk.

Treat the sensitivity of the cheeks of children

Avoid using perfumes that focus on the skin of the child’s skin. Be sure to use a cotton pad when sleeping. Loosen clothes in a warm atmosphere; Because the warming of the surrounding atmosphere negatively affects the sensitivity. Washing the child’s clothes well

And make sure completely that it is free of soap. Giving the child alternative milk to the mother’s milk,

such as cows and goats, in addition to consuming different dairy products such as yogurt increases this sensitivity in children.

Medical treatment for allergy to cheeks in children

In many cases, preventive and home remedies are the best treatment to get rid of the sensitivity of cheeks for children, but in severe cases, the doctor is used to avoid the exacerbation of the condition, and the spread of sensitivity to other parts of the body, and therefore the child is given antihistamines to relieve the severity of itching

In addition to the medications cortisone, which is spent under the supervision of a specialist doctor because it is not suitable for all cases, and is dispensed in crisis situations.

Tips to protect children from an allergy to cheeks

Avoid giving the child-sensitive foods that differ from one child to another, and observing the type of fabric that increases the problem and keeping it away from it.

Breastfeeding, especially in its early months, as this helps in building a strong and healthy body, and is able to repel and resist many diseases that it may be exposed to.

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