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My Dog Won t Stop Sneezing? Causes & Treatment

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My Dog Keeps Sneezing – What Can I Do?


So your dog has been sneezing a lot recently, and you are not sure if you should be concerned since both humans and dogs do get instant relief by sneezing once in a while.

But what do you do in case your dog sneezes once, twice, thrice and does not stop sneezing? We are here to guide you in such situations.

First, you need to understand what can cause your dog to keep sneezing.

Sneezing happens when your dog’s nasal mucosa (the inner lining of your dog’s nose) gets aggravated.

Occasional sneezes are perfectly natural, however, in case your dog does not stop sneezing, you need to pay close attention.


What causes dogs to sneeze?

Common reasons of sneezing are:

U ask what can I do if my dog keeps sneezing? Don't worry, even your pet has been sneezing a lot or excessively, we are here to guide you in such situations


 #1  Dog Allergies

Just like humans, dogs may develop allergies.

In case your dog is sneezing, then it may be because your pet has become allergic to items like dust, pollen, dander, mites, mold spores, perfumes, cleaning products or shampoo.


 #2  Foreign Body

Something could be stuck in your dog’s nasal cavity.


 #3  Infection

There are a few disease agents which can trigger sneezing as a symptom. A few of these are canine distemper, canine influenza or a kennel cough.


 #4  Nasal Tumors in Dogs

Any growth or tumor in his or her nasal cavity may have made your dog susceptible to constant sneezing. Such a tumor could be either malignant or benign.


Dog Sneezing Attack

What to do in case your dog suddenly has bouts of sneezing?

Since we have given you some idea about what could be causing the sneezing, you should be in a better position to analyze and take action. As an example:

In case the sneezing started either after or during a walk in the fields, possibly the issue could be caused due to some foreign body, even though an alternative reason could be a temporary allergic reaction as well.

In case your pet has been newly adopted from somewhere such as a shelter, he or she could have picked up some infection there. Alternately, your pet could be allergic to some item in your house.

In case the sneezing frequency has gradually increased over a period of time, a nasal growth could be the reason.

Whatever the reason, in case the sneezing frequency has gradually increased, you should see your veterinarian within a couple of days.

In case the sneezing frequency has increased suddenly, but there is no blood in the discharge, you should see a vet within 24 hours.

Last but not the least, in case there is blood in your dog’s nasal discharge as a result of the sneezing, you should rush for emergency assistance as soon as possible.


How to stop a dog from sneezing?

Treatment for incessant sneezing will depend upon the diagnosis of your veterinarian.

In most cases, you should get some answers after the examination. However, in the case of growths or allergies, you will need a few weeks before getting a definitive diagnosis.

Allergy treatment will be dependent upon the particular agent involved. Treatment might need some trial and error.

Infection is generally treated using antibiotics, treatment for parasites is relatively simple. But in case of foreign bodies, treatment may be tricky.

Lastly, nasal growths need to be properly analyzed to come up with a treatment plan.

Whatever the treatment regimen, be sure to closely follow the recommendations given by your veterinarian.


My Dog Keeps Sneezing – What Can I Do?

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