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What to feed a dog with diarrhea? Causes & Treatment

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What to feed a dog with diarrhea? Causes & Treatment


Are you a dog lover? Do you own at least one or maybe more than one dogs? If yes, then there will be times when your dog suffers from diarrhea.

At moments like these, you will naturally be concerned at how to help your dog recover from the diarrhea attack. Read on for information how you can treat diarrhea in dogs.


What to give a dog with diarrhea?


 #1  Initial Action: Food for dogs with diarrhea

If your dog has diarrhea, then you should not feed it for around 24 hours. Be sure to give your dog small quantities of water at frequent intervals.

Doing so will keep your dog hydrated and prevent dehydration from taking place. In case the diarrhea attacks lessen after 24-36 hour, feed it a bland diet.

An example of bland diet is boiled hamburger with rice offered in a small amount. Alternately, you can give your dog some soup or a blend of rice with low-fat meat.

After a few days, if the diarrhea attacks do not come back, switch your dog slowly to his or her usual diet.


 #2  Dog Probiotics Diarrhea

Giving help repopulating your dog’s intestines with healthy bacteria. These also boost your dog’s digestive tract immune system. Probiotics enhance cellular repair and help in maintaining your dog’s mucosal barrier


 #3  Prebiotics for dogs

Prebiotics are food components which being indigestible, travel in an undigested form to your dog’s colon. After reaching there, the prebiotics ferment and eventually convert to SCFA, also known as short chain fatty acids.

SCFA help in inhibition of harmful bacteria growth. They act as a valuable energy source for cells in your dog’s colon. They also help in preserving fluid and electrolyte balance.

Prebiotics allow the intestine to function in a proper fashion. Veterinarians suggest that prebiotics should be used along with probiotics.

This combinational usage helps the growth of good bacteria in your dog’s intestines.


 #4  Antibiotics for dogs

Antibiotics are recommended in case bacteria cause your dog’s diarrhea. These might also be needed in case your dog’s intestine is damaged (indicated by blood in your dog’s stool).

The antibiotics help in killing the bacteria, ensuring that bacteria from your dog’s intestine do not transmit into its blood stream.


How to treat diarrhea in dogs?


Dog worms treatment

At times, dog diarrhea is caused by worms in its intestines.In such cases, an appropriate dewormer for dogs will be prescribed by your vet. There are very few dewormers which kill all kinds of intestinal worms.

So, it is essential that clinical tests are carried out on your dog’s stool, and the proper dewormer is prescribed.

At times, your vet may recommend repetition of the dewormer treatment multiple times over a period of weeks or at times even months. Doing this ensures that any worm eggs are also killed.


The most important thing to do in case your dog’s diarrhea does not get cured within 24-36 hours is to go to your veterinarian.

You should give as much information about your dog’s medical history including details like vaccinations, what kinds of Dewormers has your dog been prescribed in the past and how often.

Whether your dog has had contact with any other dogs. What was your dog’s diet. Whether your dog had recent access to any garbage or was on any medications.


Your veterinarian will carry out a full physical exam, check for dehydration, palpate your dog’s abdomen, and perform a thorough rectal exam.

In the majority of diarrhea cases, your vet will prescribe a diagnostic test, called a fecal flotation. This test is useful in checking for parasites or worms.

In case your veterinarian suspects a bacterial infection, a culture and sensitivity test on your dog’s feces will be performed as well.


How to Treat Diarrhea in Dogs?

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