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Best 15 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection Without Vet

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Best 15 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection Without Vet

Keep yeast away. Clean & treat dog ear problems & pain without vet through our 15 natural & home remedies for dog ear infection due to mites

The majority of dogs suffer from ear infections sometime in their life. These can be painful for the dog in question and as its owner; you will want to get quick dog allergies treatment.

Infected ears in adult dogs are caused due to yeast and bacteria, even though puppies may get infected ears due to ear mites.

Taking your dog to your veterinarian is the best way of diagnosing for sure if your dog’s ear is infected. The veterinarian will test a sample from the infected ear under a microscope. 

Veterinarians typically prescribe topical drugs or oral antibiotics for canine infected ears.

Yet, none of these are actually a long-term cure. Your dog’s ear infections may come back with a vengeance in due course.

Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Keeping this in mind, we would recommend the following natural remedies for dog ear infection:

1) Use of garlic cloves and coconut oil for dogs ears:

This is a great home remedy which will help cure your dog’s ear infection in a week itself.

All you have to do is take two to three garlic cloves and simmer in coconut oil for five to ten minutes then strain the mixture.

Put two or three drops in your dog’s infected ear two times a day for a week to cure the infection. This mixture supplies dog ear cleaning solution.

2) Apply Warm Compress for Dog:

The use of warm compress will cure your dog’s outer ear infection. Take some hot water and soak a towel in it.

Then after squeezing any excess water, hold the towel and press it gently on your dog’s ear. Do this multiple times a day to give your dog relief.

3) Use of Macerated Garlic:

You can use this remedy if your dog has a mild infection. Soak two cloves of garlic in olive oil and let it stay for two weeks.

After that, strain it and pour two or three drops of the mixture in your dog’s ear. Do this once a day until the infection clears up.

4) Is cod liver oil good for dogs? (or Vitamin E for Dogs):

This is one of the great home remedies for dog ear infection. Use of Vitamin E oil or Cod Liver Oil in the form of ear drops to remove middle or inner ear infection of your dog.

Either take a Vitamin E capsule and crush it to extract the oil to use as ear drops or use one or two drops of cod liver oil as ear drops for your dog’s affected ear.

5) Witch Hazel for Dogs Ears:

Another great home remedy is the use of Witch Hazel. Take equal quantity of witch hazel and apple cider vinegar and mix them with each other.

Then take a few drops and apply them inside your dog’s ear. This helps reduce your dog’s discomfort.

6) Use of apple cider vinegar for dog ear infection:

In case your dog has an ear infection and it is getting worse, then you can opt for a simple solution. Just add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and give it to your pet two to three times a week.

Use of apple cider vinegar ensures that your dog’s ear infection does not worsen.

7) Use Neem Oil For Dogs:

You can use Margosa oil whose antimicrobial properties will help cure your dog’s infected ear.

Mix half a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil, one teaspoon of tea tree oil, half an ounce of olive oil and one ounce of Margosa oil.

Take ten to twenty drops of this mixture and put it into your dog’s infected ear using a dropper.

Then, massage the base of your dog’s ear, which will spread the oil gently. This mixture provides relief and soothes any inflammation.

8) Aloe Vera for Dogs Ears:

The plant Aloe Vera is naturally known to be of great healing value and hence is great as home treatments for dog ear infection. Take a bit of aloe Vera gel and warm it.

Then, pour one teaspoon of this into your dog’s infected ear. This helps reduce irritation and cure any redness in and around the ear.

9) Boric Acid Dogs:

The use of boric acid powder in your dog’s ears helps dry and acidify the ear.

This does not allow yeast or bacteria to thrive as they can’t survive in a dry and acidic environment.

10) Use of Probiotic Yogurt for Dogs:

Take some probiotic yogurt having strains of active bacteria, which are probiotic in nature, and apply it to your dog’s ear. This helps keep yeast in dogs ears away.

11) Use of White Vinegar for Dogs Ears:

Mix vinegar with water in proper proportion. Pour the mixture in your dog’s ear for a few days until the infection clears up.

12) Use of Mullein for Dogs:

The leaves and twigs of the mullein plant can be used to get Mullein extract.

This is effective in curing certain dog ear infections. It also helps soothe any inflammation of your dog’s ear.

13) Almond Oil one of essential oils for dogs ears:

Take some almond oil and warm it. Then put half a teaspoon in your dog’s infected ear. This will help loosen the dirt and wax in your dog’s ear.

14) Best Flea Treatment for Dogs:

Fleas may at times cause ear infections in your dogs. Give your dog a thorough bath, and after drying it, take some herbal flea powder and sprinkle it all over your dog’s body.

This removes fleas or mites clinging to your dog and prevents them from crawling into your dog’s ear to cause infections.

15) Pau d’arco for Dogs:

Use of an herb called Pau d’arco kills bacteria and fungi in your dog’s ear. Massage your dog’s ear, with an equal mixture of Pau d’arco and mineral oil, two to three times a day.


Dogs have a tendency of getting ear infections frequently. This can be a stressful time for you and your dog as well.

Instead of going for antibiotics each time, try our home remedies for dog ear infection to treat your dog naturally.

Best 15 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection Without Vet

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