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How to get rid of bags under your eyes? 5 Best Home Remedies

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How to get rid of bags under your eyes? 5 Best Home Remedies


They say that eyes are the windows of a person’s soul. But, if you have bags under your eyes or eyelid dermatitis or both, nobody will be able to look anywhere else.

Rather, their attention will be drawn to the unsightly bags under your eyes.

Bags under the eyes, are usually hard to remove unless you go for cosmetic surgery, which can be pretty expensive.

One short term solution is to cover them using foundation and other makeup.

But after you take the makeup off, those ugly bags will still stare at you from the mirror!

So, what is the solution apart from expensive cosmetic surgery? 

We have shortlisted some nifty home remedies for bags under the eyes which will help you look younger in a jiffy.


 #1  Sleeping tips to avoid eye bags


Sleeping less each night is sure to give you bags under your eyes. Make it a point to sleep for anything between six and eight hours. Try to sleep with your head in an elevated position.

This ensures that there is no fluid buildup under your eyes due to the forces of gravity. Sleep on your back rather than sleeping on your sides or your stomach.


 #2  Cucumber for eyebags


Take chilled cucumber from your fridge and cut them into round slices. Place two slices of the cold cucumber on your eyes (one on each eye of course!) and leave them there until they become warm.

Next step is to take another two slices of the cucumber from your fridge and repeat this step for a total of thirty minutes. The cold cucumber constricts your blood vessels and diminishes the bags under your eyes.


 #3  Use Egg White for eyes


Use egg whites to tighten the baggy skin under your eyes. Separate an egg white from the yolk in a bowl and beat it until it stiffens up.

Use your fingers to apply the stiff egg white all around your eyes, taking proper care under your eyes, where the bags have formed.

Leave these on for around twenty to twenty-five minutes. After this, wash your face thoroughly with cold water.

Look into the mirror and you will see that your eyes look less puffy because the skin around your eyes will be much tighter than before.


 #4  Apply Cold Compress on eyes


Applying a cold compress on your eyes will reduce the puffy appearance of bags under your eyes. The cold has an effect of constricting the blood vessels.

As a result of this, the fluid flow into tissues around your eyes slows down which reduces the puffiness. 

The best solution is to use a gel cold compress pack placed overnight in your fridge. You can either buy a ready-made gel cold compress pack or make your own pack using corn syrup.

All you need to make your own cold compress pack is some corn syrup and a small zippered lock bag. 

Fill the bag with the corn syrup in the zippered lock bag and put it in the deep freeze of your fridge and lo voila – you have your own homemade cold compress pack! 

Before applying it on your eyes, let the bag defrost for around ten minutes. Take the cold compress pack and put it first on one eye and then the next.

Make sure that you put it on each eye for around three to five minutes before alternating it with the other eye.


 #5  Use chilled spoons


Take a couple of spoons and dip them in ice-cold water until they are chilled. Take one cold spoon and place it over one eye.

Take the other spoon out of the cold water and put it over the other eye, while letting the first spoon get cold again by dipping it in cold water.

Repeat the process until you see considerable improvement in puffiness.


Bags under the eyes can have the effect of a negative knock on your self-confidence. Try out our Home remedies for bags under eyes and you will be looking fresher and younger in no time.


Home remedies for bags under eyes

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