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Can You Get Worms From Cats? 95% of The Most Common Types of Worms in Cats

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Can People Get Worms From Cats?

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You might be wondering: can you get worms from cats? This statement is true because at times people do get infected by certain worms from cats. Even though the risk is minimal, however, this is a possibility.

The common types of worms in cats which fall in this category are tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms.

Tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms are all types of parasites which are typically found in the feces of your cat.

How do humans get worms

Tapeworms in cats to Humans

Humans get tapeworms by unknowingly ingesting fleas from cats. Fleas in cats are intermediate hosts of tapeworms. The fleas eat tapeworm eggs, which then grows up to become a larval stage in fleas.

The larvae of this tapeworm eventually grow into adult tapeworms themselves and infect people.

Humans may ingest fleas at times when they might be nuzzling with their cat or in case your cat licks your lips and mouth while a flea is on its tongue.

Tapeworms in humans transmitted from cats is not a common occurrence. However, generally tapeworm infections in this way have been known to occur in young children.

Roundworms in cats

Roundworms from cats which are transmitted to humans are long-lasting yet mild. Such infections are rarely fatal.

Roundworms live in a cat’s small intestine, and because of this at times they are called “intestinal roundworms.”

Roundworm infections in humans happen as a result of exposure to eggs of this particular, worms generally found in your cat’s feces. The infection occurs after humans somehow ingest this parasite’s eggs.

Those eggs, then travel to your intestinal tract and hatch. The young roundworms have the capability of migrating to any of your body’s tissues, including your brain or your eyes.

Roundworm infection is most commonly seen in children who might have been playing where a cat had defecated. In all likelihood, your child would have put his or her dirty hands in their mouth.

Hence it is important to ensure that your child washes their hands properly after playing around or with pets.

Hookworms in cats

These are parasites which are a type of roundworm. Cat roundworms can infect humans from infectious larvae. These larvae are found in your cat’s feces.

The worm larvae penetrate human skins in the case of contact with cat litter (through bare feet), feces-contaminated sand and feces-contaminated soil.

After penetrating human skin, they move many inches under the skin and finally die after some time. However, they cause an uncomfortable skin inflammation, which can last many weeks or at times even months.

How to get rid of worms?

– Keep yourself clean and wash your hands regularly

– Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning your cat’s litter box or petting your cat

– Wear shoes and wash your feet in case you go to areas (like a beach) where cats may defecate

– Teach your child that it is not a wise idea to eat dirt or soil. Ensure they wash hands and feet thoroughly after playing with cats.

– Give your cat a bath regularly.

– Have regular de-flea sessions for your cat

– Take your cat to the vet on a regular basis for checkups.

Can You Get Worms From Cats?

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