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Benefits of toothpaste for acne

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Benefits of toothpaste for acne

Toothpaste is part of the essentials of dental care, and it is available in many forms such as, gel, paste,

in the form of a powder, and toothpaste manufactured in the form of paste contains a set of materials, including the abrasive material,

it works to remove suspended substances on the teeth, And it contains a moisturizing substance

which prevents dehydration of the toothpaste, as well as flavors

which give the toothpaste some sweetness, but it does not contain sugar, so it does not cause tooth decay, and also contains a detergent, which is responsible for giving foam,

may contain substances Others, depending on the purpose of use, if it is for bleaching, allergies, or anti-caries, and in this article, the benefits of toothpaste for acne will be explained.

Benefits of toothpaste for acne

Toothpaste contains a number of substances that may dry out pimples, as some kinds of toothpaste contain triclosan,

which works as an anti-bacterial, so it reduces the bacteria that cause and increases pimples, and toothpaste also contains alcohol, baking soda, And hydrogen peroxide also known as oxygenated water

These substances dry up pimples, which may reduce the size of pimples, and menthol may reduce pain.

When reading this information a person may think that the benefits of acne toothpaste are scientifically proven, but this is not true, because triclosan, which works as an anti-bacterial, is no longer used in tubes of toothpaste.

This is because of its effect on thyroid hormone, and substances that dry out pimples may dry out the skin

Which in turn may increase oil production from the skin, and thus increase the problem of pimples,

baking soda makes toothpaste basal,

while the skin is acidic,

and this may cause a rash,

so the risks of using toothpaste for acne are greater than the benefits of toothpaste for acne.

Other natural substances to treat acne

After the benefits of toothpaste for acne have been clarified, it is a good idea to list some natural substances that are used to treat acne,

so if a person prefers natural products over medicines

There are many natural products that have proven effective in treating and reducing acne, including:

Tea tree oil:

The ingredients of this oil work as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial that causes acne. A study of fourteen people showed

that acne decreased by fifty-four percent, after using tea tree oil for eighty-four days.

Cactus plant:

Aloe vera plant, also known as aloe vera, contains substances that help heal wounds, reduce skin irritation,

it also works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and in a study of sixty people,

they used aloe vera in the form of a gel for the skin,

for a period of 4 weeks, the plant proved Aloe vera is effective at reducing acne, and it also reduces skin irritation and pigmentation.

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