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Baby Neck Rash Treatment & Causes

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Baby rash on neck (Causes and Treatments)

Your baby’s skin is prone to different types of rashes. It is important to take extreme precaution to protect your child’s supple, smooth and tender skin.

Of all the types of rashes, a rash on neck region is the most common. Several types of skin rashes can occur on your baby’s neck.

Fortunately, these rashes are harmless and can vanish after a few days.

We have examined different factors that cause a rash on your baby’s neck and its treatments.

Baby Neck Rash Treatment and Causes

1. Fungal Infection in Babies

Your child’s neck skin folds experiences excess moisture and perspiration. It becomes a thriving ground for Candida.

Your baby’s skin neck is likely to rub against itself, leading to friction and moisture as well.

In this condition, your baby’s skin remains irritated, and its standard protective layer becomes interrupted.

As a result, the yeast is likely to get into this irritated skin causing a rash.


A Baby rash on neck may disappear on its own. We have examined causes such as bacterial, fungal or yeast Infection around your infant's neck & its treatment

You should consider applying a yeast cream on the affected area.

However, you should remember to consult your baby’s doctor before implementing it since it is advisable to be careful before using any skin products as he may be allergic to one of the products present in the cream.

You should also maintain good skin hygiene.

Always follow a regular bathing and good hygiene to treat and prevent your baby from this skin rash.

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2. Extreme Dry Heat

Your baby is likely to be affected by the extreme dry heat of summer as it promotes skin irritation on the neck and other parts of the body.

As the extreme heat irritates your child’s tender skin, rashes are likely to appear as tiny red skin bumps.


If your baby develops this kind of rash, consider using a cold compress on the affected neck region so as to soothe the skin inflammation.

Soak a clean washcloth in a tub of ice-cold water and apply to the affected neck area to soothe the inflamed skin.

3. Skin Irritation in Babies

Your baby’s neck region is chubby and plump. As a result, skin folds that always rub against each other form on the neck.

The neck area, therefore, develops excessive moisture and regular friction which are the primary causative agents to neck rash.


You should consider using light and breathable fabrics. Avoid using heavy dress materials that are uncomfortable for your baby.

You should use a soft washcloth and warm water to dry the area carefully so as to remove excessive moisture. 

4. Allergic Reaction in Babies

A rash such as a hive is likely to appear on your baby’s neck or simply move around the body.

Hives are the most common allergic rashes, which are often circular with a center that is pale.

They are caused by allergic reactions to foods, insect stings, and medicines. 


You should try to identify the kind of product, food or medicine your baby is allergic. If it is a type medicine or food, avoid it is the primary remedy. 

5. Bacterial Infection in Babies

Bacteria such as Streptococcus are likely to cause a rash on baby neck. This kind of rash makes the neck region to be swollen, red and hot.

To prevent this sort of infection, consider keeping your child’s fingernails trimmed and clean so as to avoid chances of suffering from wounds through scratching himself.

You should note that wounds are the main parts that allow bacteria to enter into your child’s body.


Consider visiting your doctor, who is likely to prescribe oral antibiotics.

In the cause of a less severe infection, consider massaging the affected area with coconut oil.

It has anti-bacterial properties that can help to reduce further infection. 


Baby Fever and Rash

In conclusion, the baby neck rash may disappear on its own. However, you should call the doctor if accompanied by fever.

As a preventive measure, bath your baby regularly and maintain the best hygiene.

You should follow the guidelines in this article so as to treat less severe rashes on your baby’s neck.

Baby Neck Rash Treatment & Causes


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