Itchy Face No Rash (Skin Without Pruritus)

Itchy Face No Rash (Skin Without Pruritus)

So you have a terrible itch somewhere on your body which you feel like scratching, but don’t have any rashes. It is possible that you have a medical condition called Pruritus.


Pruritus Definition

Pruritus is a condition wherein there is a sensation of your skin, which leads to a desire to scratch the affected area.

We are here to help you understand the symptoms, guide you regarding what may be causing it and suggest some natural remedies to manage this medical condition better.

Itching is your body’s natural response which serves to protect you from insect bites and external substances which are harmful to your body.

But it can also be caused by a huge range of skin diseases which may be internal in origin.


Causes of Itching Without Rash

These natural remedies for Itchy face no rash can to protect your skin from severe pruritus, scabies without that you have rash through knowledge the causes

  -1-  Dry Skin on Face

One of the extremely common causes of itching without rash. This condition is also known as xerosis and has a result of making you uncomfortable.

Typically occurring in adults over 65 years, there are cases of this occurring in young humans as well. When the skin becomes dry, cells shrivel and result in fine line and wrinkles.

Along with mild to severe itching, you might also notice flaking, peeling or scaling of your skin.


  -2-  Allergies

Another extremely common cause of itching without rash. You may have an adverse reaction to wool, soap, chemicals or other substances which cause your skin to be irritated and the itching sensation to arise.

At times, allergic reaction to cosmetics, food or poison ivy might cause your body to react adversely and lead you to having an irritating and itchy sensation on your skin.


  -3-  Scabies

Mites can burrow into your skin leading to infections which bring about an itchy reaction. In such cases, the itchiness is often more severe at night than in the day.

Scabies is very contagious and can spread among people when bedding, clothing or towels are shared among one another.


  -4-  Drugs

Adverse reactions to drugs such as pain medications, antifungal drugs or even antibiotics may lead to itchy skin.


Natural Remedies for Pruritus

These natural remedies for Itchy face no rash can to protect your skin from severe pruritus, scabies without that you have rash through knowledge the causes

  -1-  Moisturizer for Itchy Face

Apply good quality moisturizer in the affected areas once or twice a day will bring about relief. Use products which have CeraVe, Vanicream, Cetaphil or Eucerin.


  -2-  Good Diet for skin

Drink plenty of water and have juicy fruits, soups or fruit juices. However stay away from mango or pineapple as these may cause itching to increase.

Eat more leafy green veggies and reduce your intake of fast food, red meat, eggs and fried food.


  -3-  No Scratch

Even though scratching may provide relief, you should avoid it since it may cause damage to your skin and increase infection. Trim your fingernails and also wear gloves at night to prevent inadvertent itching.


  -4-  Wet or Cold Compress on Face

Cover itchy areas of your skin with a wet and cool compress to bring relief


  -5-  Cool Bath

Take a cool bath twice a day with uncooked oatmeal, baking soda or colloidal oatmeal. Make use of finely ground products made of oatmeal which is designed especially for use in your bathtub.


  -6-  Wear appropriate clothing

Stick to wearing smooth clothing made of cotton or a cotton blend which will help reduce skin irritation.


  -7-  Use mild soaps and laundry detergents

While bathing, use mild soaps staying away from dyes or perfumes which have a chance of irritating your skin.

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after drying down. For your laundry cycle, use mild laundry detergents which are unscented.

If using a washing machine, be sure to run an extra rinse cycle while washing to remove as much soap as possible.


Itchy Face No Rash (Skin Without Pruritus)

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