Can humans get worms from dogs?

Can humans get worms from dogs?


Are you a dog owner? Do you wonder can humans get worms from dogs?

Yes, it is very much possible for you to get infected with hookworms, tapeworms or roundworms from your dog.

Here is what you should know about this.


Worms in dogs

Do you wonder can humans get worms from dogs? Is it possible you to get infected from dogs with worms? Here is what you must know about this.

  #1   Hookworms in dogs

Hookworms from dogs can enter a human host usually from their skin. Such an infection can happen to you if you walk over contaminated soil using your bare feet.

This can even happen if you touch soil where your dog has urinated or excreted. Hookworms infest your dog’s intestines, while if it infects you, it will live under your skin and cause painful rashes which itch terribly.

Hookworms generally stay under your body’s skin until they die. But at times they can also travel to your intestines and even your lungs.


Signs of hookworms in humans

Symptoms of hookworm infestation are you getting a wheezing cough, diarrhea, pain in some particular area, anemia resulting in weight loss.

Occasionally hookworm infection can even cause death.


  #2   Tapeworms in dogs

Tapeworm is yet another type of worm, which can spread from your dog to you. These worms get their name as they are flat in nature and have a ribbon-like appearance.

These happen to be one of the most common parasites which live in the intestines of your dogs.

Tapeworm infection in dogs results by swallowing infected fleas. If you, in turn, swallow infected fleas, you are at risk of infection.


Symptoms of tapeworm in humans

Symptoms of tapeworm infection in humans are nausea, diarrhea, pain in your abdomen, weakness, excessive hunger or loss of appetite.

Tapeworm infection in humans can lead to intestinal blockages. If untreated, complications include affecting your heart, eyes, brain and liver. It can become life-threatening to humans if not treated.


  #3   Roundworms in dogs

Roundworms look like a strand of spaghetti. They live in your dog’s intestines too.

If your dog has roundworms and defecates on the ground, the eggs of the roundworms pass into the soil. If you touch the infected soil with your bare hands, you can get infected.

Roundworm eggs have a two week gestation period after which they can lead to infections in humans. Once inside your body, the worms can migrate to your lungs, eyes, brains and liver.


Roundworm symptoms in humans

The signs of roundworm infection in humans depend on which part of your body the worms travel to. There have been cases of permanent vision loss happening in the case of eye infection due to ringworms.

Lung infections due to ringworms cause coughing and asthma-like symptoms.


How to prevent worms in humans?

Do you wonder can humans get worms from dogs? Is it possible you to get infected from dogs with worms? Here is what you must know about this.

Precautions and cure due to worm infection from dogs:

Make sure your dog goes through regular worming treatment and flea control. After playing with your dog, be sure to wash your hands and feet properly.

Do not kiss your dog and do not allow your dog to lick you or other humans on the face.

Take care to remove any dog feces in a prompt fashion using either gloves or a plastic bag and ensure you avoid any contact between your skin and the dog feces.
If you have young children, try to prevent them from eating grass or soil, especially if your dog plays outdoors.

In case you see any symptoms of infection in your children or your family, consult your doctor immediately.


Can humans get worms from dogs?

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