Baby Eczema Treatment Coconut Oil

Baby Eczema Treatment Coconut Oil


Does your baby have red and crusty patches on its skin? Is your baby just a few months old? If yes, it is possible that your baby has eczema.

Read on to know what is baby eczema, what causes it, what can make it worse and how to treat baby eczema with coconut oil?


What is baby eczema?

Baby eczema is visible as patches of dry and often reddish skin. It is pretty common, and the majority of babies outgrow it.

Your baby can get this skin condition anywhere on its body. Generally, you can see it on your baby’s cheeks and on their arm and leg joints.


What causes baby eczema?

Eczema runs in families. If either the mother or the father has eczema, the baby is more likely to develop it also.

Some problems in your baby’s skin barrier which allows germs in and moisture out could be a reason for your baby’s eczema.

Eczema develops when your baby’s body does not make enough fatty cells called ceramides.

If your baby does not have enough ceramides, its skin will have a tendency to lose water and become extremely dry.

Baby eczema treatment coconut oil is a best and natural eczema treatment for babies to bring relief to your baby's eczema.

What can make baby eczema worse?

There are a few common eczema triggers you should avoid:

  1)   Eczema Irritants

Scratchy woolen clothes, polyester clothes, body or laundry soaps, and perfumes.

  2)   Heat and sweat

Heat and the resultant sweating will make the itching of infant eczema much worse.

  3)   Dry Skin on Baby

Dry skin can make your baby itchy. This increases if your baby has eczema. If your home is well-heated and the circulating air is dry, your baby’s skin will have a tendency to become drier. If your baby has eczema, this dry skin may lead to more itching.

  4)   Certain allergens

A few doctors suggest that removal of peanuts, eggs, cow milk and certain fruits from your baby’s diet might help in controlling eczema symptoms.

If you have eaten these and are breastfeeding your baby, then it will get exposed to these.


Baby Eczema Treatment Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best natural treatment for your baby’ eczema. It has many natural healing properties which can be used to manage baby eczema treatment.

It has antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant and antibacterial elements. As a result, coconut oil can help stop eczema infections and to heal your baby’s broke skin.

It also has loads of healthy nutrients and vitamins which soothe irritated skin and help in relieving itchiness brought about by eczema.

These are capric acid, caprylic acid, lauric acid and Vitamin K along with Vitamin E. You should use virgin, organic, and unrefined coconut oil only. The processed coconut oils have their valuable nutrients removed.

Baby eczema treatment coconut oil is a best and natural eczema treatment for babies to bring relief to your baby's eczema.

Using Coconut Oil on Baby

Take some coconut oil and rub it into your baby’s skin, especially on the areas which are affected by eczema.

Pay particular attention to certain areas such as your baby’s knees and elbows. You should apply the coconut oil after bathing your baby.

It acts as a great moisturizer and can be rubbed into your baby’s skin many times a day.

Applying coconut oil is an excellent way to bring relief to your baby’s eczema.


Baby Eczema Treatment Coconut Oil


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